4 Nominations for Best Politics Article of 2015

Every Year Politics awards a prize for the best article published in the previous year's print volume. The nominations for the best article published in 2015 (Volume 35 ) are...

You can read Yulia’s blog post on this topic here: Great power identity behind Russia’s engagement with the West’s soft power

You can read Brendan, John and Paul’s blog post on this topic here: Educating for advantage: Exclusive schools and senior politicians

You can read The Royal Holloway team’s blog post on this topic here: The prime ministerial ratings game: a parliamentary perspective

All of the articles are free to read as part of SAGE’s free online access period.

Congratulations to all the nominees, results will be announced at the Political Studies Association Annual Conference.

Martin Coward

Martin Coward

Martin is Editor of Politics with Kyle Grayson. His research focuses on theorising political violence in an urban context.



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