Politics at BISA 2016!

Join Politics at the British International Studies Association's (BISA) Annual Conference this week in Edinburgh.

Politics will be involved in two activities at British International Studies Association’s (BISA) Annual Conference in Edinburgh this week!

First, Amanda Chisholm and Kyle Grayson will be a part of the Postgraduate Network’s ‘Meet the Editors’ session bright and early at 9.00am on Wednesday morning. Although this is an ‘invite only’ session, we strongly encourage anyone with an interest in finding out more about the journal to get in touch with us in person at BISA.

Second, on Thursday afternoon, Politics will be hosting a roundtable on ‘Teaching Africa and International Studies‘ based on a forthcoming special section in the journal that will be appearing as a part of Issue 4 2016. The roundtable panellists are:

Panellists will be discussing the opportunities and challenges of including Africa in an international studies curriculum as well as the opportunities and challenges of teaching international studies in Africa. The roundtable will be taking the format of BBC’s ‘Question Time’ and thus audience participation is strongly encouraged. Politics hope to see you there!

Politics Roundtable at BISA: Teaching Africa and International Studies
Thursday, 16 June, 2016
Corstorphine Room, Carleton Hotel, Edinburgh

Politics has recently published two blogs on teaching African Studies:

The Editors

The Editors

The Editors of Politics.

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