3 perspectives on soft power in China, Russia and Iran

What is soft power? And how is it used by Russia, China and Iran? Watch videos of Ilya Yablokov, Kingsley Edney and Edward Wastnidge discussing these questions

At this year’s Political Studies Association Conference in Brighton, we asked three of the contributors to our Soft Power of Hard States Special Issue to talk about what soft power is, how they use the idea in their research and how it is being used by states such as China, Russia and Iran. Watch their comments in 3 short videos.

Dr Ilya Yablokov of the University of Leeds talks about the idea of Soft Power in his own research and how it plays a role in Russian diplomacy. Read the authors recent Politics blog, “Can conspiracy theories be instruments of global diplomacy?

Dr Kingsley Edney of the University of Leeds on the concept of Soft Power in his own research and the future of Soft Power in China. Read the authors recent Politics blog, “The Regime Security Concerns Driving China’s Quest for Soft Power“.

Dr Edward Wastnidge of the Open University discusses how Soft Power influences his own research and the future of Soft Power in Iran.

Martin Coward

Martin Coward

Martin is Editor of Politics with Kyle Grayson. His research focuses on theorising political violence in an urban context.

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