The November 2016 Issue of Politics is out now!

The November 2016 contains three Special Sections: Intersectionality in European political science research, Resurrecting IR Theory and Teaching Africa and International Studies

The November 2016 issue of Politics is available now! It contains sixteen articles, including three Special Sections. It also includes a thank you to our reviewers!

The first Special Section is on Intersectionality and Political Science Research. The second Special Section is on Resurrecting IR Theory. The third Special Section is on Teaching Africa and International Studies. This covers a range of interesting topics from teaching African Studies in South Africa and using popular culture to address Africa’s “Fake Proximity” to global sexuality politics and intersectionality in the European Union. This issue also highlights Politics commitment to Learning and Teaching in Politics and International Relations, as well the popularity of the journal as a destination for Special Issues and Special Sections.

The full list of articles for Politics 36 (4) is:

Special Section: Intersectionality and Political Science Research
Guest Edited by Silvia Erzeel (Université catholique de Louvain; University of Antwerp) and Liza Mügge (University of Amsterdam)

Special Section: Resurrecting IR Theory
Guest Edited by Kyle Grayson (Newcastle University, UK), Martin Coward (The University of Manchester), and Robert Oprisko (Independent Scholar)

Special Section: Teaching Africa and International Studies
Guest Edited by Julia Gallagher (Royal Holloway, University of London)

For those interested in intersectionality, Emanuela Lombardo and Lise Rolandsen Agustín’s article, “Intersectionality in European Union policymaking: the case of gender-based violence“, and a related blog, were published recently.

The Editors

The Editors

The Editors of Politics.

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